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Why don’t you have 24-hour electricity at the lodge?
We do provide electricity at Chitwan Jungle Lodge, however they are only available during certain times during the day. As we are located inside the Chitwan National Park, we are not connected to the national electric grid, and therefore have to make our own electricity using generators. To limit our energy usage, as well as noise and air pollution, we only turn the generators on at scheduled times.  These windows offer you plenty of time to charge your various electronic devices.

Why can’t I drive into the lodge using my own transportation?
Only authorized vehicles are allowed inside the National Park, and only at certain times of the day with prior permission and entry tickets.

Why do I have to wake up so early?
Animals at Chitwan are most active at night, and early morning safaris are the best way we can offer to show you maximum wildlife.

Why don’t you offer elephant bathing after September?
After September, the cold weather sets in. While elephant bathing can be very fun, it can also be dangerous to the elephant’s health to stay in cold water, as they can get various diseases such as pneumonia and tubercolosis, so we do not offer this activity during the cooler seasons.

Should I bring my children? Will it be safe?
Absolutely! Children love to explore the natural surroundings of Chitwan Jungle Lodge, and it is a great learning experience for them as well.

Why can’t I pay using my credit card at the Lodge?
Being inside the Chitwan National Park means being off-the-grid, so we are unable to offer credit card services at the Lodge. However, we accept all major currencies as payment.

Why is there no canoe ride offered in the summer?
Canoe rides are conducted on the Rapti River, which forms the northern border of the National Park. In the summer, the level of the Rapti decreases, making it unsuitable for canoe rides.