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Elephant Safari

Seated high on the back of an elephant, gain a unique viewpoint of the Chitwan jungle. As an experienced mahout tracks animals through the dense jungle growth as you sit back on a howdah, you can imagine yourself being a Rajah or Rani going on a shooting trip (with cameras of course!) in the days of yore. An elephant safari allows you to go places that would be impossible to get to by foot or Jeep and get up close to the wild animals of the jungle that are normally wary, but at home with a fellow creature of the jungle


Chitwan is an ornithologist’s delight and a must for any serious twitcher, as more than 450 species of exotic birds such as the Oriental Pied Hornbill, Paradise Flycatcher, and Lesser Adjutant Stork congregrate at this biological hotspot of Asia. Our experienced guides will take you to select spots ideal for birding, where you can observe a breathtaking diversity of these beautiful feathered creatures.


Let your mind wander and relax as you float on a serene trip down the Rapti River in a traditional dugout canoe. Spot crocodiles and other reptiles sunning themselves on the riverbanks, or admire the graceful lines of Ibises and other waterfowl as you travel silently and peacefully down the river. This activity is available October to mid-March only, when the water level in the Rapti is neither too low nor too high.


Take an exciting and invigorating walk through the lush sub-tropical jungles of Chitwan. Our trained naturalists take you to prime spots to view deer, rhinos, sloth bears and other wildlife. They will also give you interesting information about the various plants and animals of the jungle throughout your walk.



Learn more about this gentle giant during our daily elephant briefing. Our expert naturalists will inform you of various facts about the life and habits of the wild and domestic pachyderms, enlighten you as to the differences between the African and Asian elephants, and other interesting titbits. You can also request to learn how to ride one of these magnificent beasts during the briefing.


Cool off on one of the scorching summer days by taking a refreshing dip in the waters of the Rapti River – hope you don't mind an elephant in the tub! You can help bathe the elephants, and get a unique "shower" as well! This activity is only offered in the warmer months (March to July, please inquire), as it is too cold for the elephants in winter.


Feel like stout Cortez as you gaze across the beautiful vista of the grasslands and jungle high in this 22ft wooden tower or machan. The observation tower lets you quietly observe wildlife who are blissfully unaware of your presence, as well as allow you a chance to just relax and take in the views.


Drive deep into the heart of the park to isolated locations too far for an elephant ride for a chance to spot rare species such as leopards and tigers. The low rumble of the Landrover does not alarm the wildlife, and you can often get quite close to shy animals such as the Muntjac before they realise you are there.


Sit back and absorb with a tub of delicious popcorn for the slideshow or movie. Discover pertinent facts about the Park and its history as well as the various flora and fauna of Chitwan, or learn fascinating information about Nepali culture or wildlife during the slideshow and movie respectively. If you have burning questions, you are welcome to ask our trained naturalists at the end of the show.


You can arrange for a day-long trek to the Churia hills or other parts of the park on special request. On these treks you travel deep inside the jungle and spot rare species whose tiny habitats are otherwise inaccessible and undisturbed.